Scientific operations in and underwater are our mission.


We implement science-based questions in all kinds of water bodies – in rivers, lakes and the ocean.

Many years of experience and a professional team ensure, that your project will be successfull und your experiments resist the forces of nature. 

Openwater experiments

Our team has many years of experience in developing and building complex constructions for experiments underwater that last. We adopt the experiment depending on the issue and also optimize your test design for the chosen environment. Read More

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Sample taking in riverbed

For special need, we construct devices for sample taking under water. The Makrozoobenthos-Sampler can take samples in riverbeds with strong currents. Read More

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Sample taking from boat

Depending on the location and time of the operation, we use different dinghies and a sailboat. This way we can realize projects on a boat that take days to finish. Read More

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Experimental setup in shallow water

Thanks to our technical know-how and mobile workshop we can also create constructions afloat. Read More

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Sea floor experiments

Special diving techniques and breathing gas mixtures make operations in difficult conditions possible. This increases our safety and ensures the success of your project. Read More

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Sampling in running waters

We carry out sampling in challenging habitats. Read More

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Getting samples under ice

It is all a question of the right equipment! We have everything needed to work in different water temperatures and climate zones. (Photo: J. Hesselschwerdt) Read More

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Monitoring and documentation

We collect important data, document and prepare it professionally. Read More

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